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patron, male name, A model drawn, painted or cut out from which certain craftsmen work.

"Mademoiselle Baptistine's dress was cut to the patterns of 1806, short waist, narrow sheath, epaulet sleeves, with tabs and buttons."

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Save time and quality.

Optimize your email production with custom-made templates, designed for your graphic charter, your organization, your constraints, and your team.

Your challenges.

When creating email campaigns, there are a number of things that disrupt the process of setting up these campaigns. A lot of repetitive tasks and wasted time. Emails that are not always consistent with each other. Deadlines that are too short to optimize your performance.

Our answers.

Templates that respect your graphic charter. Automation of repetitive tasks: tracking, image hosting, maintenance... Multi-brand / multi-lingual / multi-market / multi-category template design... HTML code designed and tested in advance for maximum compatibility...

All this in a simple toolYou can use the "drag and drop" feature without having to touch a single line of HTML code.

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Reduce the time it takes to create your campaigns by creating your emails from custom templates. Even with limited design skills and no HTML knowledge, you can create beautiful messages.


Create your messages from a complete email design system. With your custom templates, you avoid the work of layout and you don't need to think about HTML integration.


Translate your ideas directly into templates designed to enhance your messages. This way, no more endless back and forth with the design team. They take over directly inside the Boss.


Connect LePatron directly to your information system and to your marketing campaign management tools. No more HTML integration for email and its specificities.

All the trades in your team are concerned.

Improving the efficiency of your email production and performance requires the involvement of all your team members.
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Consulting - Workshop - Design - Support

LePatron is first and foremost a tailor-made service! Our email craftsmen are there to co-construct your project. This involves personalized support from the beginning and throughout the life of your project. During a workshop before the project, we validate with you all your needs for your template, in order to create a design and settings that specifically meet these needs.

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Take it to the next level

with LePatron

LePatron is generous! Schedule a demo with a team member and discover the power of custom emailing.

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