Customized options.

The Patron email templates are custom designed for each of our customers. Why? Because each organization has its own specificities, its level of maturity and its own needs. That's why we place so much emphasis on our prepress workshop. When building these options, we think first and foremost about improving the quality of your emails and making your production cycles more efficient.

For each block of content in your library, you can act :

  • On content options : Display or not such or such part of the block, modify the number of columns, activate a background image, specify the link of a button...
  • On style options : change the color of an element, change the size or the font of the text, change an alignment...
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Option level according to user profile.

Some of the Boss users are designers or even HTML developers. But sometimes, Boss users have absolutely no experience with emailing, let alone code. This is why the depth and complexity of the options available can be adapted to the profile of your employees. We also adapt the level of option to the latitudes you wish to give in relation to your graphic charter. Can users choose any colors, or only those in the charter? Can they choose any font or only the ones in the charter? The choice is yours.

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mobile responsive email

Display a block on desktop and/or mobile.

Personalizing emails also means differentiating the content according to the context of opening in which the recipient is. This is why it is possible, subtly or not, to display different content on the desktop version and on the mobile version. Once again, it's up to you.

Display based on recipient profile conditions.

Your audience is diverse? Integrate conditional block logic directly into your message design in LePatron. For example, if you want to address families and couples without children differently, you create your content for both targets directly in two different blocks. And via the custom options, we will give you the possibility to decide which block is displayed for whom!

We integrate the variables and scripting logic present in your campaign management tool.

content according to email profile
data flow in email

Integration of data flows.

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