Dynamic content generated when your emails are opened.

Email is not a boring medium! And dynamic content will prove it. What is it? It is the possibility to generate content automatically when an email is opened. This way, your messages are always relevant to the context of their opening.

  • Are your products out of stock? Your email will adapt.
  • Do you have points of sale? Your message shows the nearest store.
  • Is your offer limited in time? A countdown timer is displayed...
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Your custom dynamic content blocks in your emails.

Don't hesitate to ask the Patron team during the workshop about your master template if you need to build dynamic content blocks.

We have the possibility to build a custom solution dedicated to your use case:

  • Using your data sources : We'll look for your data where it belongs to enrich your recipients' experience (CRM, product catalogue, stock, points of sale...).
  • Optimization of your conversion rates We help you to push the possibilities offered by your emails to the maximum. With one goal, to optimize your conversion rates.
  • Customization with variables from your campaign management tool Optimize and customize your dynamic images with the data present in your campaign management tool whatever it is.
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We integrate your existing Email Live Content platform.

If you already use a platform dedicated to the generation of dynamic images in your emails, we suggest you continue working with it.

To integrate your existing platform, there are several solutions:

  • You manually copy/paste the URLs This is the easiest solution. Create your dynamic image in your platform and simply add the link to it in the location provided in your LePatron templates.
  • Drop-down lists in your templates We can also automatically search for the list of your dynamic images in your platform. This way they are available in 2 clicks in your email templates (subject to availability of an API).
  • Customized integration If needed, we work hand in hand with your partner to design a custom integration between LePatron and your partner. Our goal is to optimize the quality and production time of your email campaigns.


No more boring content! With Reelevant, break away from the way you think about email and give your content something your recipients have never seen before! Turn your boring and segmented emails into unexpected and relevant content.


Deliver personalized email content using real-time data. NiftyImages reinvents outdated email personalization technologies. With NiftyImages, marketers can start creating brand experiences that drive email engagement and bottom line results from day one.


Liveclicker is a provider of real-time email personalization solutions. Deliver compelling, personalized messages simply and at scale. Liveclicker helps its clients execute highly relevant email marketing programs that respond to the personal context of each recipient.


Movable Ink enables brands to create compelling visual experiences based on data that is relevant and unique to every customer at every moment. With Movable Ink, marketers can free their data from silos to automatically generate intelligent creations with millions of unique variations, across multiple channels and billions of moments.

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We advise and train! We pass on our expertise around email: best practices, segmentation, campaign planning, marketing automation scenarios, choice of a tool... We also put our hands into our clients' routing tools. All this in the form of hourly packages with timetracked services by the minute.