Prices and rates

With the LePatron email builder, our desire has always been clear: transparency!

That's why our prices are public and do not change according to the head or the portfolio of our customers.

When we talk about the price of the LePatron email builder, we have to distinguish two costs:

  1. the creation of a responsive template that meets your needs and respects your design system. This is a personalized implementation pricing to meet your expectations
  2. l'use of your template in the application hosting and technical support. A fixed monthly price that can be annualized

Creation of responsive templates

The name LePatron and the comparison with the world of sewing takes all its meaning here. We have two models to meet everyone's requirements: "ready-to-wear" or "haute-couture.

"Ready to wear" 👗

The most accessible version with a pre-selection of 15 pre-defined content blocks. We go to the essence and apply your graphic charter to a template that meets the vast majority of needs in email marketing.

  • Scoping meeting in order to understand your business environment and to ensure that the "Ready to use" version will be sufficient for your needs.
  • Design: adaptation of your visual identity to this predefined template in order to offer you a responsive master template with a graphic consistency
  • Deployment in LePatron master template configuration, access creation, connector implementation (sFTP, ESP), tests and quality control
email preview template

6,000 euros excl.
to be autonomous in your emails realizations !

"Haute couture" đŸ§”

Integration of a complete and fully customized Email Design System according to your constraints and email production environment in LePatron :

  • Needs analysis in order to know your content typologies, your teams (which profiles and production processes), your opening environments (which email and webmail clients) and to benchmark the latest trends and what the competition is doing (and not only the competition).
  • Workshop whose purpose is to deliver a precise specification of the needs. We take the 15 blocks of the PrĂȘt Ă  porter and we add 10 premium blocks made to measure with the necessary personalization based on the preliminary analysis of your emails.
  • Conception: design and HTML integration all your needs (typologies, brands, languages) in the different contexts (responsive, dark mode, accessibility...) of your email system design
  • Deployment of your design system in LePatron : same as PrĂȘt Ă  porter, configuration of premium blocks with asset hosting and domain offloading
  • Documentation of your design system the complete communication tool to align and educate your employees on your brand's best email practices
  • Training 2 x 3 hours for your operational teams

18,000 euros excl.

Customized quotation if you need more blocks or variants (brands, languages...) The workshop helps to identify these issues.

Hosting and operation

No license, we prefer to talk about hosting costs because we prefer an "all inclusive" approach. This cost allows us to guarantee a quality infrastructure and to regularly upgrade the solution.

Ready to wear

420 euros excl. tax per month
or 4200 euros excl. tax per year**.

Haute couture

960 euros excl. tax per month
or 9600 euros excl. tax per year

Open Source

As the project is open, you can host it on your server.

* The technical support is done by email or by phone call from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. This concerns all requests related to technical anomalies (platform inaccessible, login/password problem, display problem on a particular ISP/webmail...)

** The hosting offer on the ready-to-wear version is not compatible with some "haute couture" safe-measures features (domain delegation for countdown or asset hosting)

Why Open Source?

LePatron is an OpenSource solution! This means that anyone (with the right skills), can get its code and use it without having to pay Badsender.

On a day-to-day basis, if you use our hosting, it doesn't change anything compared to another cloud service. However, with the OpenSource model, you have the guarantee of a great transparency (security, updates...) and you have the possibility to integrate the application within your ecosystem. It also allows our customers to request customized features which can then be given back to the community of Patron users. You benefit by using the solution, and you may benefit others.

Customized services and options

  • New connector to a campaign management tool 6600 euros excl. tax
  • Asset hosting on sFTP server to a delegated sub-domain: 240 euros excl. tax per month or 2400 euros excl. tax per year
  • Training to use Patron: 1080 euros plus VAT. Two 3-hour sessions to familiarize yourself with the tool and your template.
  • Operational support package 1,200 euros (excl. VAT) for 10 hours of usage assistance, minor template modifications...
  • Development of new "tailor-made" functionalities : on estimate, do not hesitate to contact us !

Take it to the next level

with LePatron

LePatron is generous! Schedule a demo with a team member and discover the power of custom emailing.

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