A library of reusable blocks

That's what Patterns is all about, we provide you with a library of reusable blocks tailored to your needs. These blocks are designed and thought out during the workshop to suit 99% the emails you will be building.

In any email template, we provide the great classics that we adapt to your graphic charter: main information block, promotion block, text/image block, multi-column product block, contact block, reassurance block, social networks block...

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Yes, it is possible to use video in an email. No, it won't play everywhere. But today the technique is well enough mastered to offer a quality experience to your recipients. Those using an email client that does not support video will be offered alternative content. All this can be configured in a few clicks directly from the Boss interface.
video emailing
Countdown email


If you regularly launch limited-time offers or organize events, a countdown timer is the perfect way to motivate your readers to take action quickly. In the options of your LePatron blockYou select the end date and time, and automatically your countdown is generated.

Satisfaction questionnaire and forms.

Gathering feedback from your recipients is not always easy. With LePatron, you can create simple forms directly in your emails. Display a multiple choice, a like/dislike, a score out of 10... and in one click in your email your customer will express his choice.
Email questionnaire
Email marketing carousel


You have several products to show, you have several information to disclose, you want to make your messages more interactive? The carousel may be just the feature you need. Like a slider on the web, the carousel allows you to scroll through several contents, to come back to one of them, to scroll...

Come and challenge us!

Do you need a feature that is not present on this page? Contact us to explain your needs. Maybe we've already done it for other clients... or maybe it's natively possible but nobody has asked us yet.
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