Versatile email templates.

With LePatron, your email templates become versatile! No need to maintain several versions of your templates depending on the use or the market. Your template adapts to all situations according to your needs.

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For several brands

In one click, your logos, colors, header and footer are adapted to the selected brand.

For several countries

Are you working on several markets at the same time? Select the one you are interested in and the content of your email will be adjusted accordingly.

For several languages

Use LePatron to simplify the translation of your emails. In less than a second, common elements of your emails are automatically translated (header, footer, calls to action...).

For multiple campaign management platforms

Use the customization variables and conditional blocks in your routers. Even if you use different solutions.

For many

Target your customers, your prospects, your newsletter subscribers using the same template. You use a different logo or tracking for these targets? No problem, your template handles it for you.

For several types of messages

Newsletters, transactional emails, notifications, automatic emails... with LePatron, you respect the best practices and the constraints of these different formats, while keeping a coherence in your email communications.

Unified templates for simplified maintenance.

With LePatron, there's no need to create different templates for your brands, for your different markets, for your targets, for different email types. We unify your templates to ensure consistent branding and easy maintenance.

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Customized tracking.

LePatron allows you to automatically track all the links in your emails without having to edit each one. And this, whatever the web analytics solution you use (and even if you use several different ones).

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gmail email annotation

Gmail annotations.

Gmail annotations are meta-data to add to your emails. They allow you to stand out in a priority and visual way in the Gmail Promo box. Since LePatron, you can in a few clicks add these meta-data without touching a line of code.

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Display of headers / footer.

In your templates, the header and footer are structuring elements! And to meet all your needs, we offer to manage finely the elements you want to display or not. Which social networks, the pre-header sentence, legal notice management, reassurance...

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