Who's Le Patron?

Le Patron is the email builder tool developed by Badsender.

Badsender is a email marketing agency of a dozen people who are experts and passionate about their work. But can we really be passionate about emailing? Yes! and what drives us above all is :

  • Pedagogy: the desire to pass on our knowledge, to explain the whys and wherefores.
  • Doing quality work: emails and a high-end strategy.
  • Transparency: to give our opinion, to warn our customers when we think they are going the wrong way.
  • The creation of communities : the setting in relation between providers, customers, prospects. To federate with other profiles so that they train us in high-end techniques (example: Rémi Parmentier) and generate collective intelligence.

We consider ourselves more as emailing craftsmen than as a classic agency.

Who is The Boss

Our reason for being.

To help companies industrialize their emailing strategy with a human, ethical and collaborative concern.

How do we like to work?

Barred team The Boss

In a good mood. A little offbeat, a little crazy.

emailing experiment

Be a pioneer and experiment.

responsiveness email builder

Reactive! We try to be as responsive as possible in all circumstances.

open-source email builder

Open-source first.

benevolence email

Goodwill between us, our clients and the providers.

email template needs

Putting needs at the heart of our developments.

What we know how to do well.

  • Accompanying/supporting our customers, removing the fog, enlightening them...
  • Unite a community around us.
  • Structure the strategy.
  • High-end emails.
  • To provide solutions in relation to the needs.
  • Unblock situations...


We advise and train on emailing ! We pass on our expertise around email: best practices, segmentation, campaign planning, marketing automation scenarios, choice of a tool... We also put our hands into our clients' routing tools. All this in the form of hourly packages with timetracked services by the minute.


We monitor the deliverability and reputation of our customers via monitoring tools. We sell this as a pack of hours + a mix with a subscription to some deliverability tools.


We create and design emails : design, HTML integration...


We industrialize email creation with LePatron.email.

Where do we come from?

It's first the story of Jon...

which creates the Badsender blog dedicated to emailing in 2007 in parallel to his job at Bisnode by putting forward "the badsender of the week"... and paf! It made chocapics! Then Greg, then Thom, then Marion M., then Seb, then Fab, then Marion D, then...

Who does what in all this?

Marion Moillet, MMO

She is the guardian of the production schedule, she checks that the briefs exist and that they are sufficiently well put together so that Thom and Fab can work as they should! She makes sure that the deadlines are respected on both the Badsender and the client side... and beware of anyone who doesn't meet their PUT*** deadline! She also checks all the invoices... She regularly taps on MDU who does often sometimes pellets (what? the VAT is 0% so what?). She is ultra-reactive, she draws faster than her shadow...

Fabien Vanacker, FVN

It integrates many, many, many, many emails from our customers. It also manages the deliverability monitoring and the support of Le Patron. He infiltrates our clients' campaign teams to help them integrate their campaigns. He's like the Swiss Army knife of Badsender. He loves GIFs, especially on Fridays. He's been saying "Good morning, folks" every morning for the past 3 years, and he's always got some lame joke going on. But he's always there when you need him...

Marion Duchatelet, MDU

She advises our clients, does workshops on template design LePatronShe writes articles, does training with Badsender but not only, jumps on all good ideas to make sure they become reality. She lacks confidence! She thinks that when LePatron has a little "hips" all our clients will leave us, when she's in a meeting, you see her battery at 7% and you think... it won't pass. But you can be sure that if a client does more than 2 hours of coaching with her, it's a romance that will last 15 years. Because our clients are all at her feet, always on the lookout for her advice. She never gives up, never! She wants to understand everything, EVERYTHING!

Sébastien Fischer, SFI

Badsender's Delivery Manager! He takes care of audits, monitoring, deliverability support. He masters all those weird words like ISP, webmails, spam filters, reputation, feedbackloops, bounces, greymail, blocks, blacklist, IP, shared, dedicated, IP pool, spamtrap, botnet, spoofing, smtp, SPF, DKIM, DMARC, DNS, reverse DNS, ARC... He's a freak because he likes it so much, deconstructing, finding problems! At home, there are lots of snakes and rats... Otherwise he is a real teddy bear, he is very calm, very educational with our customers. He likes to have his breakfast during our 9H31 or to snore.

Grégory Van Gilsen (speaking), GVG

He's the boss of the Boss, his baby. He's the one who gave birth to our email builder in 2017. He integrates the masters templates (wonderfully designed by TDE). He sets them up in the email builder, he sets up all options in the pattern. he is the one who makes our clients' eyes shine during the Patron's training sessions. He is extremely patient, very educational, very calm, he even manages to bring MDU down when she has stress peaks! He has a very cute Belgian accent, he says "ca va" very regularly, he also says very often "it's a problem of chair-screen interface". (and he often says this to MDU calmly)He's fluent in English, he's a fan of Japan, tea, Merlin and Aurora. Oh yeah, he does kung fu fighting or something like that (I'm told in my ear that it's called iaido...).

Jonathan Loriaux, JLO

(no it's not Jennifer Lopez, though... he got his *** done in 2019)

He's the founder of Badsender, he's a bit annoying because he knows everything, he's able to put out great strategic recos to our customers, to give his opinion on HTML code, to unblock undelivered emails, he masters Figma, he understands the language of developers! He speaks well, he is hyper pedagogical and he is visionary! He feels things, where we should go, where we should not go, he has a lot of confidence in others, he doubts little ... so ... well we follow him and we move forward! Otherwise, concretely, he mainly manages the sale of our services, he is full of calls to present Badsender. He manages with MMO all the administrative stuff, the tricky stuff that nobody wants to do (lawyer, auditors, balance sheet, credit, relationship with banks, URSSAF...), it also drives tool changes (infomaniak, rocket, notion...). In short, he's a bit our base, the guy to whom we refer and sometimes, he gets drunk...

Thomas Defossez, TDE

Rooooh Thomas... he's got gold between his fingers, he's the best email designer in France, if not the whole world. But he doesn't believe it. He gets regular compliments from our clients and from us. Absolutely ALL his emails are beautifulvery polished. He always hits the nail on the head when he makes a design proposal. In addition to design, he is at the forefront of HTML/CSS for email. He's modest, he doesn't rest on his laurels, he's constantly doing R&D to create innovative emails to make our clients cry. He's the one who takes care of the design of our websites (badsender.com, lepatron.email, the 24daysofmail…)He has a wonderful way of writing. He knows how to write wonderfully well, he has an offbeat tone (sometimes very shaky but always subtle) to make my grandmother laugh. He writes a lot of articles on our blog where he always puts in movie lines or spoonerisms. He often poops his pants, especially when we tell him that there are 110 people registered for his next webinar, or when he talks with Rémi Parmentier, Jason Rodriguez... It's, it's... The illuminator of Badsender!

How does the hummingbird's share translate at Badsender today?

  • We are 100% telecommuters.
  • The use of open source, carbon neutral tools:
    • Migration of the Patron's servers to Infomaniak (which offsets the CO2 emissions generated at 200%).
    • Rocket for instant messaging
    • The Infomaniak suite.
    • Notion
    • Timely for timetracking
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