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Modular and customized emails.

Produce fabulous emails in minutes, using pre-coded, pre-approved and fully tested content blocks. Our mission: to save you time and improve quality.

Email Builder

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Versatile email templates.

With your email builder, your email templates become versatile! No need to maintain different versions of your templates. Your size adapts to all situations and according to your needs.
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Library of reusable blocks.

That's what an email builder is all about. We provide a library of reusable blocks. These blocks are designed and thought out during the workshop in order to Suitable for 99% emails that you will build.
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Customized options.

The templates in our email builder are custom designed because each organisation has its own specificities, its own level of maturity and its own needs. For each content block in your library we define the options according to your wishes.
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Quality control.

The quality of your emails is also the responsibility of your email builder. At each stage of the design of your templates and emails, we bring you the answers and tools to to guarantee you the best quality.
The quality of Le Patron, it passes by : Email templates tested from top to bottom at the time of production. Mobile and desktop version previews. The ability to send you tests on your email addresses. The choice of your rendering test tool: Email on Acid, Litmus... Coming soon: Checklist and validation level management.
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Dynamic content.

Your email builder opens the doors to dynamic email. Your emails always remain relevant to the context in which they are opened. To help you, we create customised dynamic blocks or integrate a specialised solution.

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