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If you want to deploy LePatron, it is because you are aware of the importance of email in your marketing ecosystem. In addition to making your email marketing production more efficient, you necessarily want your messages to be as impeccable!
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A perfect rendering from the design of the template.

email preview template
email preview

Mobile and desktop version visualization.

In the template interface, you have the possibility to preview in one click the mobile and desktop versions of your emails being designed. This preview also allows you to check the display of blocks specific to the mobile or desktop version.

Why no tablet rendering? Because in 95% cases there is no specific breakpoint for tablets in the email templates.

Send test emails to your test addresses.

During or at the end of the design of your message, you have the possibility to send a test email to the address of your choice directly through the editor interface, without having to import your message into your campaign management tool.

During the year 2021, it will be possible to create lists of test email addresses from your administration interface in order to simplify the sending of these tests.
email test address
email rendering litmus

Render test via Email on Acid or Litmus.

If you have an account Email on Acid or LitmusYou can also generate a render test directly from the Patron interface. To do this, simply send the test by email to Litmus or Email on Acid.

Checklist and management of validation levels.

Coming soon

In order to further increase the quality level of emails produced in LePatron, we will add quality control and validation workflow features to the emails created.

These quality controls can be divided into several parts:

  • Automated control : deliverability score, link verification, email weight, alternative text...
  • Manual control Realization of rendering tests, verification of the mobile version...
  • Validation flow X, Y and Z have validated the message?
  • Customized validation points at the customer's request.

If you have any suggestions for improving our thinking on the subject of quality control, please let us know, do not hesitate to contact us.

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