Exporting emails.

By default, LePatron exports a zip file containing both your HTML file and the images. This zip file can then be imported into your campaign management tool.

export email file

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Custom export format.

When setting up your account, it is possible to customize the export to ZIP format according to the requirements of your email routing solution. This means for example: put the images in a sub-folder or not, name the HTML file in a specific way...
emailing export format
email image hosting

Hosting of the images on your FTP or CDN.

When you export your email, LePatron can automatically host the images on the FTP server or CDN of your choice by replacing the URLs to the images. This way you don't waste time replacing the paths to the images and you optimize your deliverability by hosting your images directly on a server you own.

Automated export to your campaign management tool.

LePatron is also able to automatically send your messages in your campaign management tool. In this way, with one click, you will find your email in your router's interface. No need to download your HTML file and import it back into your various tools.

Currently available for Sendinblue and Actito. Other platforms are under development.

If your solution is not in the list, please contact us to discuss the conditions of implementation.

automated email export

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