Best of 2021

The year 2021 has been a great year for our email builder LePatron. Here's a little recap of the best new features that were released, the most annoying bugs that were fixed and what we did behind the scenes.

Features 2021

The top 5 developments of 2021 that you should not miss in your email builder :

  1. ESP connectors : is directly connected to Sendinblue and Actito...for now! New connectors will arrive in 2022. Stay tuned !
  2. Custom color chart You can pre-save the colors you use the most in your creations and find them in 1 click in your color palette. Oh! What ? How do you do it? A design system consistent!
  3. Open source transition because together we are stronger. The access to the source code of the project is fully open source and under GPL v3 license available on the Github repository of Patron ! 
  4. Self-service administration : role management (administrators, users), workspace and folder management... in total autonomy
  5. Support for SAMLV2 : No more multiple passwords, security first!

Bug 2021

The 5 most annoying bugs that have been fixed:

  1. From duplicate CSS class which caused a rendering problem on GMAIL (it was not possible given its dominant position - EVIL CORP - among webmails)
  2. Lose the link to the current directory between the editor and the email listing (which is a pain in the ass, but where did I put my email???)
  3. The special characters, spaces and capitals not allowed in the email names (SRSLY? why? It's 2021 anyway!)
  4. Cannot change the name of the crea in the editor toolbar, all with an esoteric error message (not cool)
  5. Invisible button to access the gallery tab (if you don't see the action buttons, you're unlikely to use them)

The tip of the iceberg

The changes that are important to us and yet are not necessarily the ones you notice on a daily basis:

  1. New visual identity for the LePatron brand!
  2. Cleaning and removal of groups, templates, emails, users... to lighten the DB and do a gesture for the planet
  3. Management of information, warning and error messages : explanations and translations (having explicit messages is always more pleasant)
  4. Support, documentation and FAQs More and more of you are using the builder. Also, it happens that the people present at the time of the training change jobs and new ones arrive. To answer the most common questions as well as the most delicate and specific ones, there is a documentation work carried out by the support team (which you can request via and a FAQ available on the site.

Here you go!

Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions via the address
And, if you want a demo with JLO, it's here !
Psst, if not, book a slot directly in his calendar by clicking here.

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