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LePatron email builder is released in a new version with a strong focus on openness

This is a new step in the evolution of Patron. A symbolic step and representative of the values we hold dear in many ways.

First of all, we decided to move up a gear by better structuring the project and its roadmap, as well as by communicating and sharing with you its daily progress and future developments.


This is one of the first points. The key element of this new version called V1.7.0 "Open your email builder

From the beginning we had the will to give back to the community what it has brought to us. Without an Open Source tool, LePatron might not have been born. At least not in this form and as you know it.

That is why today we are pleased to announce that access to the project's source code is fully open source and under GPL v3 license available on the Github repository of Patron ! By sharing the project with anyone willing to contribute, we want to open our eyes to the features you might want, as well as get feedback on bugs or improvements of the interface (UI and UX!) and development of the tool so that it always better meets your needs.

The opening

It is also the possibility to connect LePatron with other services and tools

When it comes to industrializing design processes, in this case from the creation to the routing of your email marketing campaigns, what was the missing brick until now on our email builder ?

The link with your ESP (Email Service Provider) of course! What would you do with your email without your favorite routing tool? Whether it is standalone or integrated with a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) or MA (Marketing Automation) tool, now you can publish your emails created with LePatron directly in your ESP !

Of course, there is a plethora of routers, and each one has its specificities, so for this delivery we had to make choices. A choice! As this request was brought by several users, we created this first connector for Sendinblue. So if this is your ESP and you are interested in a demo and a setup of your export profiles (as many as you want, they correspond to your senders and can be organized by service or communication channels), do not hesitate to contact our friendly Fab at support.

We can already announce the followingThis will be done soon, as many of you have already contacted us about this: Actito.

With the move to Open Source, it will also be an opportunity for us to test the "bounty" principle. Not the coconut and chocolate candy, but the reward offered for the development of a feature of a free software project. To put it simply, if you want to integrate a particular ESP, the community is asked for an estimate of the effort to be made and therefore the cost of development. This cost could very well be mutualized, and thus lower, if you are numerous to wait for this feature 😉

In this quest to develop and do well, there is also continuous improvement

In addition to these two new features, we took advantage of this new delivery to fix some bugs (hello Gmail and duplicate CSS classes), andimprove some existing features (management of user rights for a group administrator and sending test emails to several addresses).

For the future, we still have lots of ideas and new features that we can't wait to present to you in the fall, as well as some big changes planned for the end of the year! 🤫

As always, we are here to listen to you.

If you encounter any bugs following this new release, if you have any comments or suggestions that could improve the application or if you just want to send us your encouragement and kind words! Do not hesitate to write to us !!!

For the more technical ones, don't hesitate to go and see the release note of this new version on Github.

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