Why LePatron and how to improve your HTML email production

HTML email creation and industrialization process

Industrializing the different steps of email creation with a solution like LePatron is a vast subject. To follow the Live on the backstage of Patron, here is the long version of the interview with the questions that could not be addressed. All without the very unpleasant microphone crackling during the Live (sorry). Everything [...]

LePatron gets a new design

login screen of the application

Badsender's email builder, LePatron, goes to v2.0 and gets a new interface design. But not only that! It's been an itchy subject for a while now, like a tag in a pair of new underwear (this is a carefully chosen image to spin the metaphor and make you understand that LePatron actually means "a tag").

Production and quality control checklist

Email quality checklist

Because many of you ask us what is the optimal organization when creating emails with LePatron. How to have a quality control of its emails designed with the builder and which points to check step by step to have a production control and guarantee the quality of its creations. For you, here is the ultimate [...]

Unwanted line break bug with Chrome and Edge

linefeed bug on chromium

Since the latest updates to browsers using the Chromium rendering engine a nasty bug has appeared in our email builder. We are well aware of the problem and the inconvenience it causes in your email production. We have been able to identify the context precisely enough to reproduce the bug and thus be able to fix it [...]

New release of the email builder : Better, faster, stronger workflow and UX!

UX design app LePatron.email

With the arrival of autumn, the grey weather and the cold, LePatron has decided to take care of you. This new version of the email builder made in Badsender is definitely focused on you: the users of the app. Full of functional and interface improvements, for a UX that we hope will please you as much as we do. News [...]