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New release of the email builder : Better, faster, stronger workflow and UX!

With the arrival of autumn, the grey weather and the cold, LePatron has decided to take care of you. This new version of the email builder made in Badsender is definitely focused on you: the users of the app. Full of functional improvements, as well as interface improvements, for a UX that we hope will please you as much as we do.

New features

Create email lists for your test mailings.

In order to streamline your validation workflowYou can now define lists that include as many email addresses as you want. When your creation is ready, you can send it directly to one of the previously created lists, or as before to one or more manually entered addresses, or both!

add a list
The edition of the groups is reserved to the administrators

edit test lists
Administrators can add, delete and modify groups as they wish

use of test lists from the editor
Users can then use these lists from the editor when sending a test

Download your emails without opening the editor

This is another great new feature that can help you save a lot of time in your campaign planning.

No need to open emails one by one in the editor to make your HTML exports (either locally or via FTP).

Both group administrators and users can now download one or more emails at a time from an email listing in the back office.

shortcut actions from the backoffice
Either at the level of actions associated with an email

batch processing to download emails from the back office
Or in batch processing by selecting emails via the checkboxes

In both cases this will generate a .zip file containing all the HTML and their images.

The only limitation is that the email creative must have a preview (feature added in late April 2021). Older creations will have to go through the editor to generate this preview first.

Actito connector

We had forgotten - but what were we thinking? - to communicate publicly on this point and yet it is not the least. We have added Actito to the list of ESPs on which you can publish directly your creations from LePatron. What a time saver in your workflow!

edition of an export profile to Actito
Example of editing for an export profile to Actito

This feature requires settings and admin access, so please contact us support or your preferred sales contact 😉

In addition to these new features, you will also get a lot of improvements!

User roles and actions from the back office

With the development of the previous functionality, we realized that users (regular users) were limited in the actions they could do from the backoffice.

So we think it's a shame and the distinction between Admin Group and Regular User should only be done on account settings.

Thus, Regular Users can also :

  • Batch processing (multiple email selection via checkboxes)
  • rename emails (something they could do but through the editor)
  • add labels (create and select)
  • move emails in workspaces and folders to which they have access
  • delete emails (with a double check for more security, but no more test emails that stay in your files for life)

same actions for administrators and users

Don't lose any more creations between the editor and the backoffice

Have you had it too? That feeling of wasting time to find your email that you just made from the editor when you come back to the backoffice?

The backoffice opened by default at the root of the first Workspace you had access to.

If your design was in Workspace > Folder 1 > Folder 2, you had to scroll through the menus again to find it. Tedious yes!

find your email more easily when leaving the editor
Those days are over! Breadcrumb and browsing history for Regular User and Admin Group.

Finally, the bug hunting season is open!

Here we have to thank you.

Thank you for your help! Yes, because thanks to your precious feedback we identify more or less unpleasant bugs that we are happy to track down and exterminate as soon as possible for the most harmful ones.

  • invisible button to access the gallery tab "common to the template" (white text on a white background doesn't work as well)
  • l'saving the name change from the toolbar the editor was returning an error message even though the change was taken into account (SRLSY?)
  • allow special characterscapitalization and spaces in the names of your emails
  • display of the list of labels available for activation and deactivation
  • new graphic design and email update password recovery and account activation

Here are the main ones. For the others, we're a bit ashamed so if you didn't see them... that's fine ^^'

Oh Happy Day!

Whether it's new features, improvements or bug fixes, it's all new features that should save you a lot of time in the process of industrializing your email creations, as well as in the time spent interacting with our support team, because you'll be more independent!

This new version is deployed in production today 😉


As always, we are here to listen to you.

If you encounter any curiosities following the release of this new version, if you have any comments or suggestions that could improve the application or if you simply want to shower us with kind words and encouragement... Do not hesitate to write to us at : 😉

For the technical people, we remind you that the app is Open Source and you will find all the issues and the release note on Github.

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